Moin! I'm Marc, a UX designer based in Colorado, originally hailing from northern Germany.

I've been designing digital experiences for over 8 years and have had the privilege of working alongside some wonderful people and on brands across a variety of industries. I always strive to combine human-centeredness with processes and systems to improve experiences both for customers and internal stakeholders. Early on in my graduate school experience, I was introduced to the credo of designing with  people, not just for people. My biggest design passion is design for social good, as originally inspired by the wonderful Design Ethos conference in Savannah, GA. 

I enjoy being exposed to different cultures and studying foreign languages. I believe my intercultural experiences — having lived in 4 different countries and places like Georgia and now Colorado — significantly influence my ability to create empathetic design solutions and keep me inspired.

When I am not designing, I am usually working out, hiking, playing a round of disc golf or tennis, or working on my beatboxing skills. Yes, you read that right. 


(as of 4/27/2021)


Among my reads right now are Frank Herbert's "Dune", Steven Portigal's "Interviewing Users", and admittedly the "Adventure Zone" series by the McElroys for some levity.


I am finally revisiting the Myths and Legends podcast, and the huge backlog of unvisited episodes I've accumulated. 


I am exploring other venues for mentorship and paying it forward, and where I can see a valuable contribution I can make. And working on deflecting increasing amounts of cynicism.

"Just as biodiversity embodies many forms of life and signals the health of our ecosystems, value diversity embodies many ways of life and signals the health of our social systems."

F.S. Michaels in "Monoculture"

If you would like to get more of a glimpse into what I do and who I am, feel free to connect with me on these sites: